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Freelance Friday begins

Freelance Friday has started off very well. Since my post at the back end of last month, I have had some very nice tweets and shoutouts, which have resulted in my first bookings of the initiative.

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Welcome to Freelance Friday

Freelance friday is a new pet project of mine, I’ll be offering my services pro-bono, to charities and non-profit organisations in and around London. I’ll be doing this on the last Friday of every month.

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Great illustration goes a long way

Last week, I launched a new site for a friend of mine, Simon Elsbury. Simon is a leading Lighting Cameraman in London, and has worked with all of the big names in TV, from BBC, ITV and Channel 4 – to Sky, Virgin and BT. His client list is really very impressive.

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Today I got featured…

It is always nice to get featured by showcases, galleries and blogs. In the past, I have been featured in quite a few blogs, either imparting some knowledge in a tutorial, guest writing, or simply because people liked the look of my site, and my illustrations (ninjas rock!!)

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Useful Resources for Freelancers

I have created a small list of apps, sites and programs I find really useful as a freelancer. Use the ones you like and I hope they help you out as much as they help me.

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Add a login form in your front end

Hi guys and girls – ok, so last week, I had a situation where a client needed a login form for their subscribers, but they didn’t want users to have to go in via the WordPress default login area and end up at the Dashboard. So a simple solution was to create a login form […]

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Agencies. Do you use freelancers?

I have been chatting to some of my regular agencies about their use of freelancers, and if they tell their end client that they employ freelancers to work on projects with them. I am curious as to how many agencies out there are happy to use freelancers to take on extra or overflow work, and […]

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Morphological Matrix

Designing a logo? Use the Morphological Matrix to help. When I was studying for my degree in Advertising at Solent University, I studied under many fantastic lecturers, one of which was Nik Mahon. Nik taught creative and lateral thinking, and one of my favourite techniques for coming up with new ideas was something called the […]

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The Social Network

Ok, ok, so I am a bit behind the times, only having just watched The Social Network, but if you are in my industry, and enjoy doing what I do, this movie can only want to make you go and create the next big thing.

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I love Buddypress!

I have had a few Buddypress projects recently, and I have to say, I love it! I have been working with a fantastic charity (more on that later) to redevelop their site into a fully fledged social network. Buddypress is awesome for a job like this, especially if you can customise the s**t out of […]

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It’s been a busy few months

Luckily for me, I have been really busy working on new projects since Christmas, which is the reason for my lack of blogging.

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It’s been a while

It’s been forever since I last posted on my blog, that has been due to the fact that I have been really busy working on new and exciting projects. I have been luck enough to work with a fantastic charity, who act as a mutual support group for MS sufferers. It is a really noble […]

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