About Me: AKA the short biography page that nobody really reads...

...because who wants to hear the life story of a web designer?

About Me

The sort of boring stuff that nobody reads

I am a 40 year old dad of 3. I’ve been into web design and development since I was a kid myself. My father ran his own business, and when the internet first really took off, I was young and loved computers, so I was tasked with making his first website. It was awful. But it struck a chord with me and my passion for websites was born.

My availability

I am available to work on new projects at the moment, if you would like to discuss this with me, then please do get in touch and we can have a chat about your project in a bit more detail. I am also available for work with agencies too, get in touch for my day rate. For times that I am not available, I do have several good friends in the industry who I work with regularly, so I can always facilitate your project with someone who comes with a great recommendation.

My other hobbies and interests

I am quite proud to say, I am not your stereotypical web developer who sits in a dark room all day and night, I do actually have a life of sorts! I grew up playing a lot of football, but as I got older and my knees have given up, I play a lot of Golf when time allows now. I also enjoy reading (especially crime novels). That being said, I have three kids these days. So my personal time is limited, and most of my ‘free’ time, is used to ferry them around to various clubs and activities, or teaching them to ride a bike… or honestly, just sleeping!

My usual clients and industries

I work with a wide range of clients, from SMEs, right up to huge multi-national sports teams and charities such as Chelsea Football Club or Anthony Nolan. So if you will excuse the cliche, there is no client too big or too small. When it comes to my services as a web designer, budget will come into things. What I will say though is that my minimum price for a web project is around the £2500 mark, so if your budget is wildly short of this, then unfortunately we won’t be able to work together.

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