African Revival – Freelance Friday day 1

African Revival – Freelance Friday day 1

Written on: 30/08/2013

Today I am working in house at African Revival, helping this small charity to maximise it’s digital marketing and online presence. This is the first in a series of 12 pro-bono days I am offering to small charities across London and I am very excited to be working with African Revival on day one.

Who are African Revival?

They currently work with over 35 schools in Uganda, Zambia and South Sudan. They provide schools with new buildings, learning materials, water and latrines. Where schools are left with dilapidated classrooms and unable to provide the students with a quality learning environment they provide new buildings. They provide housing for teachers so that they live in close proximity to the school and their work is not hindered by the distance they need to travel or sub-standard housing. They drill boreholes so pupils and communities can have easy access to clean drinking water. They also build toilets to ensure a clean and sanitary environment for the children and their teachers.

I’ll blog again soon with a round up of the day. Happy Friday.

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