Freelance Friday begins

Freelance Friday begins

Written on: 06/08/2013

Freelance Friday has started off very well. Since my post at the back end of last month, I have had some very nice tweets and shoutouts, which have resulted in my first bookings of the initiative.

I have already taken two bookings. The first is for 30th August, and I’ll be working with a charity who work all over Africa, they provide schools with new buildings, learning materials, water and latrines. African Revival are a very worthy charity of the first month on Freelance Friday. I’ll be working with them to consult on everything from how to improve their website, how to increase their social media reach and how to improve their SEO too.

In September, I’ll be working with the Brain Research Trust, the umbrella charity for research into conditions of the brain and nervous system. Again, I’ll be looking at their website and how it could be improved, their SEO and chatting to them about Google Grants, to try to make the most out of PPC.

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