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I’m Hiring!

I am looking for one or two junior level freelancers to come in to my new office space (which is based in Wimbledon TV Studios) and work with me on a variety of projects.

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10 Great Reasons NOT to become a freelance web designer

Contrary to my previous blog post, I can also think of a million reasons for you to NOT become a freelance web designer. Some people are fantastic designers or developers, but just cannot manage the business side of things. These are 10 reasons why being a freelancer may not suit you.

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10 Great Reasons to be a freelance web designer

I can think of hundreds of reasons to be a web designer, and even more to be a freelance web designer – but you have to make your choice carefully. Being freelance isn’t just about being good at what you do. You have to know how to run yourself as business. It isn’t enough to […]

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It’s Freelance… Wednesday?

Yes, this week, I’ll be doing my Freelance Friday on a Wednesday – I’m very accommodating like that. I’ll be working with the fantastic Alive and Kicking for the day, helping them to devise a solid digital strategy for the coming 12 months and help them to work out the best ways of revamping their […]

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5 Ways to get customers to your E-Commerce site

There are hundreds of tips, hints, tidbits and rules when it comes to selling your stuff online. If you are thinking of moving into the world of e-commerce with your product, the biggest trap you can fall into, is assuming that when your site goes live, you will start to make sales. It’s like a […]

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5 Ways to Increase your E-Commerce Conversion Rates

Having a store with a low conversion rate is a real kick in the teeth. You know you have great products, you know they should be flying off the shelves… but what is happening? Follow these 5 simple rules, and you should see your conversion rate improve dramatically.

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How much does a website cost?

I get asked this on an almost daily basis. And the answer is: Exactly the right amount to make it work. There is no magic answer to this question. Us web designers and web developers, we don’t quote projects up per page anymore, those are days of the long ago past.

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It’s been forever…

Yes, yes, I know. I haven’t posted on my own blog in months. November was the last post, and although I have the best will in the world to write a weekly blog post, I just get way-laid with client work.

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SEO Bootcamp – Episode 2

Building on the stuff from Episode 1, another question that I get asked A LOT, is ‘how much will it cost me to rank on page 1 of Google for my keyword?’. This question is usually followed by my reply of ‘How long is a piece of string?’. I know, it isn’t very helpful, is […]

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SEO Bootcamp – Episode 1

I get a huge number of people asking me ‘Can I be 1st in Google for my keyword’. Now, the short answer to that is usually, ‘yes, you can’. The longer answer is ‘Yes, you can… but it will take quite some time and will require a monthly budget’. The answers gets even longer depending […]

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African Revival – a Quote from the CEO

African Revival needed a new website and branding assistance. Rob Fenech came up with a fantastic new design concept, he talked through with us how we could improve our web presence and he is now building our new website. We highly recommend Rob and we are extremely impressed with his work, we’re looking forward to […]

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African Revival – Freelance Friday day 1

Today I am working in house at African Revival, helping this small charity to maximise it’s digital marketing and online presence. This is the first in a series of 12 pro-bono days I am offering to small charities across London and I am very excited to be working with African Revival on day one.

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