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I’m looking for a Web Designer near me – what should I be looking for?

1. Understanding Your Needs Finding a ‘web designer near me’ starts with understanding your unique needs. Before beginning your search, consider what you need your website to achieve. Are you looking to create a digital portfolio, a simple business landing page, or a comprehensive e-commerce platform with intricate features like online bookings, product management, and […]

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Getting Your Company Off the Ground with DIY Website Platforms

Introduction In today’s digital era, having an online presence is crucial for any new business aiming to make its mark. However, the financial aspect of custom website development can pose a significant barrier for startups and small businesses. This blog explores three accessible DIY website platforms—Webflow, WordPress, and Wix—that can help bridge this gap. Understanding […]

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Why Site Speed is More Important Than Ever in 2024

In the digital age of 2024, the importance of site speed has reached unprecedented levels. With technological advancements and significant changes in search engine algorithms, a fast-loading website has become a non-negotiable element in the realm of web development. Site speed, once a mere technical concern, now stands at the forefront of creating a successful […]

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WordPress: Beyond the Brochure – A Tale of Versatility and Power

Introduction Imagine a tool, born out of a desire for elegant, well-architectured personal publishing. This tool, WordPress, began as a simple blogging platform in 2003, but like a tree growing from a sapling into a mighty oak, it has evolved. Today, WordPress is not just a tool for creating basic brochure websites; it’s a robust, […]

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Rob’s productivity cheat sheet

Over the 20 odd years I have been in the workforce, I have used a ton of productivity methods to help me stay on track. I sometimes have trouble staying focussed on my day, and can easily spend large chunks of my day on work that isn’t a priority when I consider my deadlines. I […]

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What is my mental health like as a freelance web designer?

World Mental Health Day, observed on 10th October each year, is an initiative led by the World Health Organisation to raise awareness and mobilise efforts in support of mental health. It aims to create a global platform where mental health issues are discussed openly, reducing the stigma often associated with them. Each year, this day […]

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10 Steps to a Faster WordPress Website

A website’s speed is integral to ensuring a good user experience and achieving higher search engine rankings. A sluggish website not only tests the patience of your visitors but also risks your site being shoved to the oblivion of latter pages on search engine results. WordPress, being a popular platform, offers a myriad of features […]

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Steps to Take Before Hiring a Freelance Web Designer

Engaging with a freelance web designer or developer is an exciting yet challenging endeavour for any business. The perfect website can serve as a powerful digital footprint, ushering in opportunities and growth. However, to transform this vision into reality requires thorough preparation. In this extensive guide, we’ll uncover the pivotal steps a business should undertake […]

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A day in the life of a freelance web designer

Navigating the digital realm, many dream of the freelance lifestyle, imagining the flexibility it offers. But what does a day in the life of a freelance web designer truly look like? Here’s a glimpse into my world, from the early morning chaos of children to the intricate patterns of code that form the core of […]

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WordPress Blocks and Their Customisability (is that even a word?!)

In the evolution of website design, few innovations have been as impactful as the introduction of WordPress Blocks. Before the Gutenberg editor’s advent in WordPress 5.0, customising layouts and content in WordPress demanded a mix of shortcodes, custom post types, and a variety of other tools. Today, WordPress Blocks have not only transformed the user […]

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Website Redesign – I’ve got a new site for the first time in years!

Things change. That is the nature of things. They change. They evolve. They move on. And in the digital sector, this has never been more true. In my industry, where the rapid pace of change is constant and inevitable. I, a freelance web developer, found myself at this crossroads after maintaining my website largely unchanged […]

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Seize the Future with Software as a Service Websites: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to SaaS

When planning a tech startup, there’s an enticing allure to creating the “perfect” product—imagining a high-tech native app, polished to a mirror shine, flawless from its initial release. However, in reality, the journey of entrepreneurship doesn’t demand perfection from the get-go. The savvy path involves a lean startup methodology: starting with a Minimum Viable Product […]

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