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10 Point Website Launch Checklist

It’s 2018, and this year is already flying by. You might be a fellow web designer or web developer – or you may be someone looking to launch a website yourself. Either way, I’ve compiled a list of essential pre-launch tasks you really should undertake.

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Quick Tip – Infinite WordPress Next/Previous Buttons

I recently found myself needing to create an infinite loop of posts. So once you’re reading a blog article, you can click to the next one. But what happens when there aren’t any more to read? Well, the client wanted it to go back to the first post. So, I wrote this little gem. Feel free to use:

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Learning to code Swift

The future holds a lot of Augmented Reality, as realised in the recent F8 keynote. And having a solid grasp of languages like Swift will allow me to work on things like this almost immediately.

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Print Styles? Inspect Element, duh!

Did you know you could emulate print styles using Inspect Element? No? Me either!

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Quick Tip: Pre Get Posts

On many occasions, I find the need to create a custom post type, and on top of that, I don’t just want to display 10 posts in the archive. So, with a bit of ‘pre get posts’ magic, we can set the number of posts to display, just like you would with a normal WP […]

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Instagram: Tips and Tricks – Lesson One

I’m going to do a series on how to use Instagram for business. I have been using it quite a bit for the last six months and have seen my follower count rise from 200 to 1300, my average like per image has gone up from around 10, to 200 (and if I get less […]

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Charity Friday – Birdsong London

I’m delighted to be working with Birdsong London today. Birdsong finds the best female makers and brings them to you, no sweatshops, no photoshop.

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My new office setup

I’ve just got my new MacBook Pro, along with my new HD Vertical screen and it’s improved my workflow no end. The ability to have masses of code all in one huge list is making life infinitely easier. I’d highly recommend a vertical screen for anyone who is serious about coding.

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Web Design is about conversions. Not looking pretty.

I see it all too often. Design for the sake of pretty design. Now, don’t get me wrong, a site should look great – there is no question about that. But what it shouldn’t ever do is put design above your core goal.

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So you think being a freelance web designer is easy?

Well, it isn’t! I speak to so many young people looking to forge a career as a freelance web designer or developer and they underestimate just how much time and effort goes into making a solid business.

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5 WordPress tips I’ve picked up

I’ve been working with WordPress for as long as I can remember (well, not technically, but you get what I mean). There are loads of things I’ve picked up along the way, that seem like second nature to me – but I’ve realised that some of my fellow developers don’t know all of these little […]

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How to speed up your WordPress website

Everyone wants a fast website. Users appreciate a quick load time, and search engines love it even more. So if you want a decent ranking, then you’d better have a fast site. There are lots of things to consider when improving your site speed, here are a list of some of things to help you […]

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