Luminous Face Yoga

Face Yoga is a holistic approach to looking and feeling great. I worked with the Luminous team to create a brand new website from the ground up. We worked on the UX, UI and into the development stage. This site uses WooCommerce plus Memberships and Monthly Subscriptions, as well as a standalone store. It's a fantastic example of a SaaS website smashing it out of the park.

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What I did

  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • WordPress Development
  • WooCommerce
  • Subscriptions
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The Brief

The Luminous team came to me with a vision. They wanted a membership website where their users could sign up on a monthly recurring subscription, and as long as their account was active, they could do a host of things, such as view face yoga videos, join courses or programmes, track progress and much more. It was a very exciting project to be involved in, due to the software as a service nature of the business.

The Result

The design phase was very thorough and we created a large number of bespoke WordPress blocks for the Luminous team to be able to use in any configuration. We also created a wonderful quiz or questionnaire that new users can take, and it uses a custom built algorithm to suggest the perfect programme for them to start with for their face. It was a great success, seeing lots of new users signing up on launch.

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