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It’s been a while

It’s been forever since I last posted on my blog, that has been due to the fact that I have been really busy working on new and exciting projects. I have been luck enough to work with a fantastic charity, who act as a mutual support group for MS sufferers. It is a really noble and worthy cause, and I am proud to be working on their new site.

Other than that, I have had numerous ‘agency days’, where I go into an agency in Central London and work from their offices on their projects and clients, this is something I really enjoy as it allows me to interact with a whole new group of people and really get some variety in my working day.

And as it is coming up to Christmas, I am just working very hard to get my diary clear so I can have a nice relaxing week or two off, just kicking back and listening to Christmas songs on repeat. Heaven!

Stay well everyone, and I promise I will try to keep my blog more updated!