The Social Network

The Social Network

Written on: 04/03/2012

Ok, ok, so I am a bit behind the times, only having just watched The Social Network, but if you are in my industry, and enjoy doing what I do, this movie can only want to make you go and create the next big thing.

Social networks have been done to death, they are a saturated market, there must be something out there that hasn’t been done yet and is ripe for the picking!

On top of my client work, I am always thinking and probing at new ideas, both online and offline, but not for the money – money isn’t everything. It is for the sheer joy of creating something so unique and cool, that everyone wants to be a part of it.

When you think of the biggest online ideas and what has bought in the biggest revenues, it has been ideas that have been 100% free to the end user. Google, Facebook, Twitter etc… none of them charged for their service. It wasn’t about money to start with, and that is what makes it such a fantastic business model. If the end use is having something for nothing, they are interested and going to use it more frequently.

So my ideas are currently swimming all over the place, but I plan to put them into practice soon enough – I have one or two nice ideas that could end up being big things, or total flops… only time will tell!

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