My new office setup

My new office setup

Written on: 21/01/2016

I’ve just got my new MacBook Pro, along with my new HD Vertical screen and it’s improved my workflow no end. The ability to have masses of code all in one huge list is making life infinitely easier.

I’d highly recommend a vertical screen for anyone who is serious about coding.


I’m starting to blog more often from now hopefully, it’s been such a busy six months that I really haven’t had the time. You all know the old saying, the shoemaker’s children go barefoot. That’s how I’ve neglected my own blog. But I’m hoping to start writing on it more regularly. With a new feature called ‘Rob’s Month Review’, which will effectively talk about some of the projects I’ve worked on that month and what coding challenges I’ve come up against.

I’m also embarking on a new year of Charity Friday, starting with Birdsong, a fantastic social enterprise who help charities become more sustainable by selling their products online. So look out for some posts about that too.

Happy Thursday, fellow coders!

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