Google Update: Are you ready for April 21st?

Google Update: Are you ready for April 21st?

Written on: 08/04/2015

Responsive Web Design has been a hot topic for a while now – but with Google announcing their mobile-friendly algorithm update for mid-April, it’s become more important than ever to ensure your site is ready for mobiles and tablets.

Responsive web design should be a standard part of all websites now, but so many sites seem to lack the functionality to work well on ‘phones.

This probably comes from legacy sites; sites that are years old and haven’t been updated to modern standards.

Well if your site falls into this category, you could find yourself falling waaaaay down the Google rankings, quicker than Blackpool’s descent into League 1 (football reference, apologies if you aren’t a football fan!)

So this is a short blog post, just to warn you that if your site isn’t ready by April 21st, then you will notice an almost immediate impact on your SEO.

I suggest getting in touch with your friendly, neighbourhood web designer to ensure everything is spick and span with your site.

Good luck!

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