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28 th
Jul 2015

I see it all too often. Design for the sake of pretty design. Now, don’t get me wrong, a site should look great – there is no question about that. But what it shouldn’t ever do is put design above your core goal. Continue reading →

30 th
Apr 2014

Contrary to my previous blog post, I can also think of a million reasons for you to NOT become a freelance web designer. Some people are fantastic designers or developers, but just cannot manage the business side of things. These are 10 reasons why being a freelancer may not suit you.

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9 th
Mar 2012

Designing a logo? Use the Morphological Matrix to help.

When I was studying for my degree in Advertising at Solent University, I studied under many fantastic lecturers, one of which was Nik Mahon. Nik taught creative and lateral thinking, and one of my favourite techniques for coming up with new ideas was something called the Morphological Matrix. Since moving more into digital design and web development, I have been tasked with creating logos on numerous occasions and the one thing that always helps me is this technique, it is ready made for Logo design in my opinion. Continue reading →

11 th
Oct 2011

After working with a few charities over the past couple of years, I have picked up some knowledge that I wanted to share with the community. These aren’t exactly ‘game changers’, in fact, they are quite obvious when you think about it, but that being said, many charity sites overlook these simple rules on design. So keep it simple, but effective: Continue reading →

10 th
Oct 2011

Recently I was tasked with building an intranet for a client of mine, now to all intents and purposes, an intranet is just an internal website. Right? Wrong!

An intranet needs to be so much more than that now. People need to be able to communicate efficiently through their staff intranet for it to really work. Continue reading →

21 st
Sep 2011

It happens to the best of us. Sometimes, we just sit in front of a blank screen with no inspiration. We draw nothing from our tired and fizzed out brains. What do you do when you have a creative block? Continue reading →