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25 th
Feb 2015

I’ve had a lot of people contact me recently with ideas around the same area, curation. Curation of content is getting bigger and bigger, with huge online places like the fantastic showing how it’s done right.

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18 th
Feb 2015
Ninjas Playing

I’ve been asked this question so many times in the last couple of months that I thought I would write a short blog post on it. That question was: “What is it like being a freelance web designer?” I am not sure what the right or wrong answer is to this, but I’ll give it a bash and try to be honest. Continue reading →

15 th
Oct 2014

I’ve been working with tons of fantastic charities over the course of 2014 and I have enjoyed every moment of it. Helping with anything from Social Media and SEO to full-on web design and development, working with charities on a pro-bono basis has been a really fantastic experience.

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30 th
Sep 2014

I get so many clients asking me about SEO. “How can I be number 1 in Google for my keywords?” – well, the truth is, there really shouldn’t be a ‘method’ to this. Google are trying to make everything as natural as possible, and whilst other companies and I can help you to improve your rankings, you have to get it right from the outset. Continue reading →

21 st
Jul 2014

Anyone who has been following my blog or been on my site will know that I currently do something called Freelance Friday. It’s an initiative where I give one day of my time each month to a small/medium sized charity and help them to develop their digital strategy and work out a method of growing their audience. Continue reading →

2 nd
Jul 2014

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Laura and Gillies at Fiuran Property (the very best estate agents in Oban, in my opinion) for their kind blog post about me. Read the blog post here:

It is always so lovely to hear from happy clients, and especially nice to hear that the users of the website really like it to. A huge thanks for being fantastic clients through the whole process, and for your very kind words.

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