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17 th
Apr 2014

There are hundreds of tips, hints, tidbits and rules when it comes to selling your stuff online. If you are thinking of moving into the world of e-commerce with your product, the biggest trap you can fall into, is assuming that when your site goes live, you will start to make sales.

It’s like a physical store, people need to know you exist. If you have a little shop in the back alley of some forgotten town, chances are, passing trade is going to be hard to come by – and unless people know about you, you won’t make any sales at all. Likewise, if you have a glorious shopfront in the heart of Oxford Street, London – then you are most likely to see plenty of sales on a daily basis.

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16 th
Apr 2014

Having a store with a low conversion rate is a real kick in the teeth. You know you have great products, you know they should be flying off the shelves… but what is happening?

Follow these 5 simple rules, and you should see your conversion rate improve dramatically.

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30 th
Jan 2014

I get asked this on an almost daily basis. And the answer is: Exactly the right amount to make it work. There is no magic answer to this question. Us web designers and web developers, we don’t quote projects up per page anymore, those are days of the long ago past. We quote based on how long things will take us. So what we need from great clients (like you) is a proper, formulated brief. Continue reading →

28 th
Jan 2014

Yes, yes, I know. I haven’t posted on my own blog in months. November was the last post, and although I have the best will in the world to write a weekly blog post, I just get way-laid with client work. Continue reading →

16 th
Jul 2013

Last week, I launched a new site for a friend of mine, Simon Elsbury. Simon is a leading Lighting Cameraman in London, and has worked with all of the big names in TV, from BBC, ITV and Channel 4 – to Sky, Virgin and BT. His client list is really very impressive. Continue reading →

20 th
Jun 2013
Freelance Web Design

It is always nice to get featured by showcases, galleries and blogs. In the past, I have been featured in quite a few blogs, either imparting some knowledge in a tutorial, guest writing, or simply because people liked the look of my site, and my illustrations (ninjas rock!!) Continue reading →

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